Let's Play Entertainment - Let us put a smile on your childs face on their special day!
Q: If we have to cancel a party booked on a certain date do I get the $25.00 deposit back?
A: The $25.00 are non-refundable but could be placed on hold for 12 months so you have time to reschedule you next event, but in order to be placed on hold we need at least two days notice or the deposit will be lost. In certain cases we do refund the deposit but it is rare, we understand there is some times that thing come up and you can’t throw the party which we understand.
Q: With how much time in advance do I need to schedule a party?
A: The sooner the better we have clients that schedule there party with 4 months in advance.  The sooner you schedule it the better chance you have on choosing your time and the characters you want not what we have left.  All you need to hold a party date for you is a $25.00 deposit.
Q:  For how long do I get to keep the Jolly jumper when I rent it?
A: The rental is all day we don’t do it by hours. We normally drop them off around 9am and pick it up when ever we are told by our customer the latest being 9pm.
Q: How far do you go to do a party I am from Carlsbad NM?
A: We go as far as you want us to go. We have been all over the state of New Mexico with three Locations in the state it makes it easy for us to go any were here in the state and in parts of TX. There will be a resonable trip fee but it will be totaly worth it.
Q: If I feel out the contract online will I be comited to hire you guys?
A: NO the contract on our page is only for us to optain the info need to but you party on our agenda. The only way you are commiting to the contract is by adding the $25 deposit, it dose not have to be payed online you may pay it in person
Q: Do you Do Pool Parties with your charachters?
A: Yes we do the only thing is that charachters can't get wet. But for pool parties we recomand just a 15 min delivery due the water you wont be able to have face painting unless they arent swimming, and most kids will rather swimm then play. so Yes we do them but we dont recommand it.